Galileo Next World Portfolio

Galileo Capital Launches the Galileo Next World Portfolio with EasyEquities

When you put on a pair of Nike trainers and Under Armour workout gear, drink a Monster Energy drink, play FIFA18 (Electronic Arts) or Call of Duty (Activision Blizzard) have you ever thought, “if only I can buy the companies that make this stuff?”

Galileo Capital under the guidance of Warren Ingram and Theo Vorster have created the Galileo Next World Portfolio to help you invest in the brands you love. “Rather than just create a portfolio of the world’s most popular brands, we wanted to create a great, long-term portfolio for private investors who love the brands that are changing our World. We felt it was important to find companies that had a good investment case and match them with a quality, low-cost ETF that invests in thousands of companies and bonds across the world. That means investors get a combination of a balanced global portfolio in one ETF combined with 20 great companies that are building our future.” This is certainly not a portfolio filled with stodgy old-world businesses, these are companies that are growing rapidly. If they perform well, returns are likely to be great however the balanced ETF provides a great shock absorber if things don’t work out.

The portfolio is especially designed for Millennial savers who want to build an investment portfolio at a low entry cost. The allocation is weighted towards stocks and thus is suitable for long term holdings. Investors would need to open an Easy Equities Account (please see link below) within their USD stockbroking account offering and buy the Galileo Next World Portfolio Bundle. This bundle will only be available to account holders.

  Bundle Securities Galileo Next World Weightings
1iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF40%
2Activision Blizzard3%
3Alphabet Inc – Cl A3%
5Apple Inc3%
6Coca Cola Inc3%
7Electronic Arts3%
8Facebook Inc3%
11Monster Beverage3%
12Netflix Inc3%
13Nike Inc3%
14Pepsico Inc3%
15Sony Corp3%
16Spotify Technology3%
18Under Armour3%
19Walt Disney Co3%
20Yum Brands3%

Wealth Management

We help you to simplify your finances, create order and live the life you want.

We offer our clients dedicated Wealth Management and Retirement Planning services. We focus on clients who have a minimum of R1 million to invest with us either in retirement funds or in discretionary assets such as shares, unit trusts or overseas investments. We are an independent advice-based practice, which means we are not tied to a specific product supplier. This allows us to offer objective independent advice. We use world-class financial planning solutions that allow our excellent financial planning staff to provide our clients with optimal solutions.

Our Services

Tailor-made Investment Strategies

We develop tailor-made investment strategies for our clients. Our initial objective is to develop a proper understanding of our client's current financial position and future objectives. We use this information to develop a proper investment strategy that is unique to our client. This strategy includes information on the level of risk that our client needs to take to achieve his or her financial objectives. We use highly advanced planning tools and a consistent, repeatable planning process to ensure that all our clients have proper investment strategies that suit their specific needs. We are an independent advice based firm, which means that we are not product sellers. Our independence allows us to offer objective advice that is right for our client - as we do not belong to a product house; we are not obliged to sell one company's products.

Who are our clients?

Retired individuals: We specialise in working with retired people to ensure that their assets are correctly positioned so that they are able to retire with peace of mind.

Entrepreneurs: We help business owners to structure their assets correctly and help them to plan for their future. This includes helping them develop the best structure for the ownership of their assets and the development of an exit strategy.

High net worth clients: We develop investment strategies for our high net worth clients to ensure that their assets are correctly structured. Managing the risk of their investments is usually the biggest role we play as they do not want to take excess risk with all their capital.

Widows and divorcees: It is our experience that these clients usually require a trusted advisor who can assist them with their financial affairs. Our role is to play the role of financial coach and advisor to ensure that they are able to make proper decisions about their finances.

Other Services

Risk management: We are not insurance specialists, which means that whilst we take into account risks that could affect our clients we often use external specialists to assist our clients when the need arises. These risks include disability, death and sickness.

Estate and succession planning: This is a vital aspect of any financial planning, and often involves highly technical tax and legal knowledge. We normally use external specialists where we feel that their services are required.

Tax consulting: We are not tax specialists but we do have relationships with various tax experts and will assist our clients in finding the necessary help when required.

Financial Planning Process

We use the six step financial planning process as prescribed by the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) in South Africa and the Financial Planning Standards Board - a well recognised, international financial planning board.

Define the professional relationship

We establish and define the professional relationship between ourselves and our clients so that each party knows what to expect.

Gather all the necessary information

We then gather all the necessary information that we need on our client including: current financial position and personal financial goals.

Analyse our client's financial position

We use the information above to analyse our client's financial position.

Present our solution

We prepare and present our solution and recommendations.


We then implement the plan.

Review and monitor

Finally, we review and monitor our client's financial position and investment strategy at least annually.

Portfolio Management

Our Services

Primary Activities

Galileo Asset Managers offers share portfolio management services to private investors and their families. We manage portfolios of South African and International shares, all our clients’ assets are housed at stock brokers to ensure that you maintain control of your money.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that shares offer the best inflation-beating returns over the long term. We consider equity markets to be fairly efficient, but not always rational. It is our view that only the purchase of attractively priced and well-managed quality businesses will provide sustained capital growth with increasing dividend income.

We aim to avoid the risk of permanent loss of capital, nevertheless risk assumption is tailor-made according to our clients’ requirements. We avoid (with some rare exceptions) the practice of timing the market as long term investments in quality businesses are the best risk management strategy of all!

Who are our clients?

We have 3 broad categories of clients who make use of our service, our minimum portfolio size is usually R1m per client.

Retired individuals: We manage their portfolios to achieve capital growth while ensuring that they can draw an income as required.

Entrepreneurs & Executives: We help business owners to create portfolios that are not correlated with their existing business or industry.

High net worth families: We develop investment strategies for our high net worth clients to ensure that their assets are correctly structured. Managing the risk of their investments is usually the biggest role we play as they do not want to take excess risk with all their capital. This service extends to the children who often require their own portfolios, very often as part of their financial education.

Investment Principles

Investment success entails a marathon not a sprint. As such, we continuously seek to accumulate gains over long periods of time, rather than trying "swing for the fences".

We intend to buy robust businesses at reasonable prices and to hold them for the long term.

We will tailor-make portfolios to client-specific requirements, taking into account prevailing market conditions.

We will charge fair fees for the value provided. We do not charge performance fees, on paper they sound good, in practice this encourages risk-taking.

We are not dogmatic about investment style, though we have a bias towards the value style.

It is one thing to have conviction, quite another to engage in heroism. We don’t aim to be heroes with your capital.

Avoid high turnover, but do make use of tax harvesting (i.e. make use of annual CGT-free allowance).

Fashionable investment themes are avoided.

At Galileo Capital, we believe in questioning the status quo.

How we do it?

At Galileo Capital, we believe in questioning the status quo. We are continuously investigating new possibilities and striving to find innovative ways to improve on accepted methodologies and conventions. We believe that no system or process is ever perfect - there is always room for improvement. Our aim is to find those solutions that enable us to supply our clients with the best possible products and services. Hence our slogan: Challenging conventional wisdom.

Galileo Capital

Galileo Capital is a Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP), approved and regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB). Our team consists of highly motivated and qualified professionals with more than 90 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. By pooling our skills, knowledge and experience, we are able to provide superior products and services to our clients. Apart from our head office in Johannesburg, we also have an office in Cape Town. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in the Western Cape region to continue supporting our valued client base. We believe in giving our valued clients a hands-on, personalised service. In order to fulfil this objective, we have established a physical presence with a dedicated team to service the Western Cape area.

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Meet The Team

Theo Vorster

Chief Executive Officer
B.Comm(Hons) Investment Management

Theo is the Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Capital and has been in the financial services industry since 1989. Most recently Theo was the Managing Director of the largest private client stock broking firm in South Africa. Theo is a regular market commentator on Moneywebs radio broadcasts on RSG.

Warren Ingram CFP®

Executive Director
B.Soc Sc (Economics)
PG. Dip (Financial Planning)

Warren is an Executive Director of Galileo Capital and is responsible for our wealth management and retirement planning services. He has been in the private client financial services industry since 1996 and was most recently employed by HSBC Bank (Plc) in South Africa where he was responsible for their Wealth Management division.

Robert Aspeling

Executive Director (Western Cape Region)
B. Comm. Hons B (B&A)

Robert is an executive director responsible for all activities of Galileo Capital in the Western Cape. Robert has 23 years of retail and corporate banking experience. He served in all divisions of retail banking. His corporate banking experience started in the primary capital market division and he then moved to treasury where he actively traded and also served as treasurer.

Yolande Botha CFP®

PG Dip (Financial Planning)

Yolande is the Head of our Wealth Management division. She joined Galileo Capital in 2006 and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional. She has been in the financial services industry since 2002 and prior to this, practised as a pharmacist.

Pragnesh Desai

Chief Executive Officer
BSc (Eng Civil)

Pragnesh is the CEO of Galileo Asset Managers. He has an engineering and finance education and work experience background, and is also a CFA Charterholder. He has spent 20 years in Banking, initially at Citibank South Africa, followed thereafter by a long stint at Nedbank South Africa. Pragnesh’s last job at Nedbank was as Head of Credit for their Retail and Business Bank Division. He has extensive work experience in product management, operations management, credit and risk management and investment management. He follows financial markets avidly in addition to balancing his time with Family, Spirituality and Indian music.

Warwick Lucas

Chief Investment Officer
BSc (Eng)

Warwick is the Chief Investment Officer of Galileo Asset Managers. After graduating from Wits University as an Industrial Engineer and after working as an engineer, he went into the investment industry. He has experience as an investment professional since 1996, predominantly as both research analyst and portfolio manager at stockbrokers BoE and ImaraSPReid. His creative and critical thinking, combined with a large dose of pragmatism, has made him a popular market commentator on TV and in the press.

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